Top 5 Tips for Wedding Speeches

Top 5 Tips for Wedding Speeches

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We have all been to at least one of those weddings where everything is going great until the speeches commenced. You know the one I mean. As soon as the Father of the Bride say’s, “I don’t have much to say”, you cringe.

Here are the top 5 tips for delivering stirring wedding speeches.

  1. Be prepared – don’t wing it and stick to the point
  2. Add emotion, tell stories and add humour but limit the inside jokes
  3. Speeches shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes – seriously
  4. Know your audience and make sure your jokes and stories are appropriate
  5. Makes sure you can be heard. If there is a microphone, use it correctly by holding it to your chin. And remember to speak slowly.
  6. Bonus tip: Don’t drink too much beforehand.

If you stick to those points you can ensure your speeches (and wedding) will be memorable for the right reasons.

Janeen Vosper
Speech Perfect

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