Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Trees Photo

The ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice?’ award goes to the beautiful arbor created by the mango grove between Park Ridge High School and Harvest Rise estate. Despite the great photography by Perfekt Studios, what the photo doesn’t show is that this perfect wedding arbor actually has barbed and chain wire running through it and is a regular dumping ground for vandals and hoons.

Park Ridge Bushcare Connect had been working with Cr Laurie Smith to have council and local volunteers restore the mango grove to health and make the parklands useable for local residents. We hope these plans can be picked up again by the new Division 11 councilor after the elections next year.

“This space is such a naturally beautiful and peaceful place. I would love to see the community come together to participate in this areas restoration in a way that provides for and protects the local fauna and flora, while creating a multi-functional community space where people can take time out and connect with each other and with nature,” said Kathleen de Leon, Candidate for Division 11.
If you’re interested in helping to restore this park, contact Phil at bushcare@parkridgeconnect.com.au.

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