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Pirates Launch AFL AUSKICK

By Kelli Greene

Do your kids want to try AFL?

Load them up and get them down to AUSKICK with the Park Ridge Pirates Australian Football Club this footy season.  Designed to help young boys and girls (aged 5-12) get a start in AFL, AUSKICK provides a fun and encouraging environment where kids have the opportunity to run, jump, kick, and laugh, all while building foundational motor skills and learning to play as part of a team.  Starting from the very beginning, it teaches the basics of Australian Football.  Auskick is acknowledged across Australia as one of the most well run sport programs, teaching and entertaining kids and parents alike.

The Park Ridge Pirates is a great place to start they’re not just about footy skills. They are passionate about create a culture of support and mentoring that builds spirit and confidence. The Pirates have been intentional about building an intergenerational experience where the importance of mixing with kids of the same age is complimented by regular interactions between various age groups. This sense of family builds strong connections across the club and provides older ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ for younger ones to look up to.

The first session is a ‘come and try’ session of Auskick – March 7th from 4.00pm at the Pirates Oval – Park Ridge State High School Oval (Crest Rd Entrance). 

Please contact Tony Jarrett 0499 004 774, the Auskick Co-ordinator for the Pirates,  or Andy Colenso 0413 158 098, the Club President for further information or visit our website or facebook page

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