You are Special

By Dee Hudson

I was talking to a young man a little while ago; a young fellow I hadn’t seen for quite some time. When I mentioned this to him, he told me his reason for “going off-grid” was that life had taken him in a different direction to what he had planned and what he assumed was the expectation of others. 

He had made a few mistakes and said he didn’t have any real “achievements” to report, so he truly believed that nobody would see any real importance in his existence or feel the need to celebrate him. So he “just lies low and gets on with it”, he said.  I was completely saddened by his story and I did all I could to reassure him that we all have a place and purpose in this world.

I often think of this young man and how I’d like to say so much more to him – and as thousands of young people in Logan started the school year earlier last month, maybe they need to hear this too.

You are not insignificant. There will always be someone in the world that needs what you have to give.  Have a think about your gifts. What makes you unique?  Whatever your gift – and you may not have worked it out yet – you are special. You are loved and you’ve been created with a purpose.

As you embark on these next few years, remember that high school is really only one chapter of your life and, whilst it is an important chapter, there are so many things out there for you to discover, learn, explore and experience.

I have an old typewriter in my office at the school where I work. It’’s fascinating teaching the younger generations how to use what they call an “antique” (it’s “only” 35 years old!).

Anyone who has used a manual typewriter would know, if you make a mistake, it’s quite difficult – near impossible – to erase it completely. There’s always a shadow of the error stained on the piece of paper.

As with an old typewriter, not all life’s mistakes can be erased. Sometimes you just need to put a line through it and move onwards and upwards as you learn from them.

Dee Hudson has a passion to help young people to explore and navigate life. She has a B.HumServ and currently serves as the Vocational Education & Training Officer at Parklands Christian College.

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