Park Ridge Pirates Developing Quality Reps

by Kelli Greene

Park Ridge Pirates Developing Quality Reps

Park Ridge Pirates have shown that the Development Pathway for their Junior/Youth Players is  very successful. For a young club the Pirates have seen several upcoming players who played in last years Seniors Division 2 Premiership Team, making their way to Senior Lists at QAFL Clubs.

Riley Greene (Sherwood), Nathan Colenso and Anthony Stewart (Morningside) have all come through the Park Ridge system. Club Coaching Coordinator, Tony Jarrett, said, “It is a credit to the coaches, team mates and the three players themselves, that they have been moulded into ready-made senior QAFL players. There wouldn’t be too many clubs in the area providing what we have at our club, in the sense of technology and coaching, that is helping develop these players.”

“Both Riley and Nathan have already made their senior debuts this season and Anthony is not far off. This is inspiring for all our youngsters coming through, to be able to see that our club is providing the resources they need to make it to the highest levels, along with their natural talent, work ethic, dedication and commitment”, Mr Jarrett stated.

“These three footballers still have plenty of upside and are now taking their careers to the next level. Who knows where they will end up but with Riley and Nathan only being 17 and Anthony 18 the football world is at their feet. Nathan had a great debut kicking 3 goals and being named the Rising Star of the round 1 in the QAFL. The boys have all worked extremely hard over the preseason and deserve all the accolades they receive”, Mr Jarrett said.

Hopefully it wont be too long before the Pirates produce our first player to be drafted into the AFL. “I think with the systems we have in place and the talent coming through, it will happen”, said Mr. Jarrett. “Its not only these 3 boys, we have numerous boys and girls in Lions or Suns Academies as well. So the future is definitely bright for the Pirates.”

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