Panther’s Celebrate Mick’s Service

Panther’s Celebrate Mick’s Service by Catherine Smart

Michael Jon Griffin popularly known as Mick is the President of Park Ridge Football Club.

Mick started at Park Ridge as a coach to a couple of his children’s teams. Mick is a devoted family man, who has coached not only his sons in soccer but also his daughters in netball. His wife Judy has been by his side for over 40 years and they have raised 7 kids and are helping to raise their grandchildren.

In retirement he has filled his days volunteering at the club and eventually became President. He is a life member and has been named Sports Administrator of the Year in 2012 at the Logan Sports Awards. His focus is to make sports fun. Under his leadership Park Ridge Football & Cricket Clubs have developed into a family oriented club, focusing not only on developing players’ skills but also their problem solving and conflict resolution skills that will serve them well, long after they have left the sport. Mick was also responsible for bringing full-sided women’s soccer to Park Ridge FC.

As of this writing, Mick is not only President of the club but is also still coaching and mentoring young players.

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