Intersection Upgrade

By Phil Pidgeon

Many people have been driving along Park Ridge Road of late and have been asking, what is happening on the corner of the Park Ridge Road/ Clarke Road/Lindenthal Road Intersection? Many people drive this route each day to and from work and have seen the old brown house on the corner of Clarke Road demolished and earthworks now occurring. I think we would all agree that this intersection has quickly become very dicey with the increase in traffic. You really have to have your wits about you.

A development has been approved on the site which includes a small shopping centre and a unit complex. The positive outcome with this is that as part of the approval I have been able to have the Council condition the developer to signalise the intersection of Park Ridge Road/Clarke Road/Lindenthal Road.

This will dramatically improve the safety of the intersection. We have not had any serious incidents there yet, so it is good that we are ahead of the game. In addition, I have also sought to have the developer widen Clarke Road to the ultimate road width outside the development frontage and the Council has conditioned this as part of the approval.

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