Boronia Heights Water Tower Art Unveiled

Boronia Heights Water Tower Art Unveiled by Paul Jackson

Boronia Water Tower

It’s been featured on national television shows and publications around Australia, and locals hope that it puts Boronia Heights on the tourist map. 

The idea of creating a canvas from the disused water tower was the brainchild of former Councilor for Division 7, Laurie Smith. Kyra Mancktelow was awarded the opportunity for her inspirational piece celebrating indigenous warriors and leaders. The 22-year-old Qandamooka woman has celebrated modern-day warriors through a series of silhouettes around the centre of the tower including teachers, soldiers, Athletes, Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians and Rangers.

Overlooking them, from the top of the tower, are figures of traditional warriors representing the challenges previous generations have overcome.

With many similar artworks appearing around the country on walls, towers and silos, Mr Smith hopes that the Boronia Heights water tower art will become a drawcard for tourists who are following the national mural trail.

Mr Smith pays tribute to the council’s resident artists who have taken on the mammoth task of scaling Kyra’s work from a flat canvas to a towering cylinder. Jacob and Paul have painted artwork on hundreds of power poles around logan city, but they had never done something this big before. “Scaling something up to this sort of size is difficult enough, but wrapping it into a cylinder does add a fair bit of complexity”, Paul said.

The tower has been disused since the Wineglass Water Tower came online. It is hoped that further work can be done to add to its attraction by creating space inside the tower to celebrate local arts and culture. 

Paul & Jacob

“It’s fantastic to see the Indigenous history and on-going presence in Logan being celebrated. An artwork of this scale creates a focal point for not only our community but will entice others to explore our city”, Division 7 Candidate, Lee Cox, said.

What would you like to see celebrated on the Park Ridge Water Tower? 

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