Skin & Blister

Skin & Blister by Paul Jackson

Park Ridge has been my home for almost 25 years. It’s where I grew up, learned to dance but most importantly it is where my family lives. I have also been very fortunate to call Osaka, Los Angeles and London my home too but home is where the heart is and Park Ridge will always have my heart.

As a writer you tend to write about what you know and at some point in your career you undoubtedly find yourself writing about your own life story. I am at said point. I have written a very personal short film called Skin and Blister, which depicts my experiences caring for my sister who has cerebral palsy. A point of difference I am very excited to share with everyone in the hopes of raising awareness for disability and for those who care for them. The perspective of a sibling in this circumstance is not a common narrative and the film explores the challenges and joys of two sister’s loving, and at times complicated, relationship. Naturally, I have chosen to set the film in Logan as this film is very close to my heart and as I mentioned earlier my heart belongs in Park Ridge.

Recently, we put out a casting call for the role of Bella in the film specifically inviting actresses who use a wheelchair and/or have a disability to apply. The response was wonderful and we got a chance to connect with some incredible young women in the community. We have just finished casting and filming will take place this month.

Once the film is completed we intend to send it off on the international film festival circuit to help reach its widest possible audience. The film will shine a spotlight on disability and carers and also showcase Logan and its community.

Currently, Skin and Blister is seeking any in-kind support from the community to help us make this film a success. We are still searching for a house location to film in as well as catering options for the 3 days of filming to name a few. We would love to involve the community in this project as much as possible and will be grateful for any helping hands.

You can contact Elise at @EliseLambOfficial

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