Who Are These ‘Old People’?

Who Are These ‘Old People’? by Dianne Black

My husband and I are just recently back from an overseas trip. While at Singapore Airport, we were waiting to board our flight home. I was not sure if our seating section had been called yet, so I walked up to the departure check-in and was just standing there when I heard the check-in attendant say “Older people next.” So, being only 71 and still actively working in Australia as a Chaplain, I stepped back, and to my surprise, he motioned to my husband and me to come through. We are perfectly healthy, with no visible signs of incapacity. We just smiled at each other, shrugged our shoulders and proceeded through to board the plane.

So it got me thinking! In our culture, what defines old and what does that imply? Are we labelled “old” when we reach a certain age or look a certain way or even when we retire? Do we wear the “labels” society imposes on us or do we continue to live through this journey of life from an identity of ourselves that is “ageless.”

Of course, there can be physical restrictions that will catch up and overtake us as we age, but I think the intrinsic nature of who we are is ageless.

Surely these qualities and so many more like them have no tag of “old age” or expiry date.

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